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random dice
collection with 17766 dice
member of
rnddice rnddice rnddice rnddice
german dice collector websites

Henning 'Faroul' Peters dice collectors pages

HaGü, lord of the dice
very interesting dice page

Masa's dice pages
a female dice collector :)

Mü's dice pages
symbolic dice and more...

Der Würfel ist gefallen.
The homepage for the book.

Dice-Cup-Museum. Hoschi's collectors pages.
international dice collector pages

Kevin Cooks Seite.
owner of the world largest dice collection!

Arjan Verweij's collection

Leo van der Heijdt's collection

Maxim's collection

Alea Kybos' Dice Collection.

Joe Barbercheck Sr. collection and blog.
dice communities, overview page

Dice Maniacs' Club (DMC)


Europäische Spielesammler Gilde e. V.

dice manufacturers


Dice & Games

Koplow Games


Custom Dice
your own dice design? here you are right.

Artisan Dice
fantastic dice made from premium wood

dice game made of metal!

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